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3 Ways Portable Storage Containers Help First-Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers face a slew of challenges before they can even start packing. After making sure your finances are in check, getting approved for a mortgage, finding the right real estate agent and purchasing a home, you might feel like everything is finally set into place. Unfortunately, there’s still a quarter left in the game. To help you walk away from your moving mission with a victory, here are three ways that moving pods in Allentown, PA, and surrounding areas give you a competitive edge: 

  1. Packing up and organizing before the move. A portable storage container makes it easy to prepare a few weeks before the move at your own pace. Whether you’re moving out of a friend's apartment or finally leaving your parents’ house, you can take your time to gather up everything you want to take with you and strategically organize it all inside. This way, you won’t rush through the process and have peace of mind that you have everything you need.

  2. Flexibility after moving in. Maybe you don’t want to bring in all your furniture until a fresh coat of paint hits the walls. Or you plan on waiting until the cable guy arrives before you carry in your electronics. Or perhaps you’re thinking about staying at your current place a few nights after move-in day, so you can get everything ready for a seamless transition. Either way, portable storage containers in Stroudsburg, PA, and surrounding areas give people the freedom they need to relax while settling into their new home.

  3. Convenient delivery and pick-up service. If you choose to relocate with a moving company, you’ll have to make last-minute decisions based on their fixed schedule. Storage providers, on the other hand, will adjust their schedules depending on when and where you want your portable storage container dropped off and then eventually delivered. Moving is a gradual process that should certainly be viewed as one. With this innovative approach to moving, you won’t feel rushed or overwhelmed; instead, you’ll be in control of the situation the whole way through.

Put yourself in control of the final stage of the moving process by renting a portable storage container from Drop-A-Box! For more information visit or call us at 800-653-6146.

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