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Portable Storage Units Are Perfect for College Moves

Summer is almost over and you’ll be back at college before you know it. So unless you’re a freshman, there’s a great chance that you’ll be moving into an apartment or house (or an ancient house that was miraculously transformed into five apartments) with a couple of roommates. And there’s an even greater chance that none of your future roommates have made any progress with buying furniture and other necessities for the new spot. It’s okay, though, you’re young and procrastination is just in your DNA, but what you’ll soon learn is that planning ahead is the key to eliminating stress. If your parents have been nagging you about rounding up important things for the new apartment or house, understand that they’re just trying to help you feel less overwhelmed as the fall semester approaches. Here’s the best solution: contact a company specializing in portable storage containers, like Drop-A-Box Moving & Storage. The low cost pick-up and delivery options for either a local- or long-distance move will help you to avoid having to rent or borrow a truck. You can ask the movers to conveniently drop the box on your driveway so that you can load it up at your own pace, without any pressure at all. This means that you’ll have more than enough time to look through a bunch of thrift stores for the best couch, kitchen table, recliner, bureau, night stand, bedframe and anything else for your new apartment or house. And every time you arrive home with something new that you’ve grabbed—whether you trash-picked it, hit up a thrift store or went big and bought something new—you can carry it straight into the container. If some of your college roommates live close to your home, it’s a good idea to tell them to swing by with any items that they might’ve bought towards the end of summer, too. By doing so, you’ll be able to consolidate all of the accumulated furniture and household necessities into one reliable storage space. Maybe all of your roommates do, in fact, live within driving distance to your house and have some large, bulky items that will cause some trouble when if they try to jam it into their cars. In that case, they can all put everything that they’re moving back up to school and more into one secured box, eliminating any necessity to borrow someone’s truck or spend an unnecessary amount of money renting one. By having the container sit at your home towards the last few weeks of summer, you’ll slowly chip away at the moving process and avoid procrastination. And once it’s all loaded up and ready to go, reputable companies, such as Drop-A-Box Moving & Storage, will return to safely and securely transport it up to your new place. Learn more information about portable self-storage containers by visiting Drop-A-Box Moving & Storage’s website today:

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