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How to Store Fragile Ceramics and Glass

Trying to figure out how to store a large amount of glass, pottery, or other fragile items? Make sure that you’re packing them up properly before shipping them off to storage! Portable moving and storage in Bethlehem PA can cut out hazards associated with driving back and forth to your storage unit over and over again, but you’ll be responsible for minimizing the possibility of breakage. Take our tips for storing fragile items, and see fewer cracks when you take them out!

  • Get the right sized boxes. When you’re packing up glassware, you’ll likely need a large number of sturdy small and medium sized boxes. You won’t be able to safely store too many fragile pieces in one box. One of the best places to look are liquor stores; these shops get dozens of cardboard boxes every day, most of which end up in the garbage. Ask for the manager of your local liquor or wine store, and see what they have on hand!
  • Fill up the surrounding spaces. After you wrap your fragile items in newspaper, you’ll need to pad up spare space inside the box. This will prevent your items from rolling around or being cracked or damaged during transportation. Remember to put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, and stuff the surrounding spaces with as much crumpled-up newspaper as will fit in the surrounding area; more protection is better in this case.
  • Find the right storage. Sure, you can pile up all your glass in your basement or attic, but that makes the task of finding what you need when you need it almost impossible, as well as taking up a ton of space! Portable moving and storage in Wilkes-Barre PA offers you a convenient solution for safe storage of your fragile items.

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