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7 Steps to Successfully Moving Boxes

When you rent a mobile moving unit near Allentown, PA, you’ll be able to easily move your boxes into the portable container at your own pace. Don’t forget, though, that you have be careful while lifting and carrying each box--or else the contents might spill or you could get hurt. Here are seven steps to successfully moving boxes into your mobile storage unit:

1.            First, clear a direct path from where your boxes are to where the portable storage unit is located. This will reduce the possibility of tripping over or bumping into any objects while transporting each box.
2.            Stretch out your leg and arm muscles so your body can be loose and limber while you’re moving the box. Flexibility is key with any heavy lifting.

3.            Evaluate the box by observing its shape, weight, condition and contents. If it seems like it’s too heavy to lift by yourself, you can ask a friend or family member to help you move it, or you can use a dolly. Some companies specializing in moving units near Stroudsburg, PA can even send expert movers to your home to help you throughout the entire process.
4.            Get into a “ready position” with your feet shoulder width apart, eyes focused straight ahead and your back vertical.    
5.            Get set. Make sure your back is still aligned as you kneel down on one knee, and try to position your hands near the bottom of the box. Set up with it close to your body and have a strong grip so you can lift, carry and control it all the way into the container successfully.
6.            Now, lift the box with caution without any jerky movements to help eliminate the possibility of straining a muscle. You’re also going to want to be able to recognize and adjust to any changes in the box’s weight distribution or possible awkwardness.

7.            Finally, carry it slowly to best understand your surroundings and move in the direction of the storage container without running into someone or steering away from the path. A box will often obstruct your vision, so don’t risk damaging the contents or hurting yourself by rushing through the process.
Now that you understand the best approach to lifting and carrying your boxes, you’ll be able to fill up the receptacle with all of your belongings at your own pace. A game plan is always crucial for any successful moving project, so make sure you’re prepared and don’t rush so you can prevent possible damages or injuries.

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