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5 Reasons to Rent a Portable Storage Unit

Portable storage units help you get things done at your own pace. They’re clean, convenient, affordable, and they eliminate the need to rent a truck. Here are five reasons why you might want to rent a mobile moving unit in Bethlehem, PA and surrounding areas:  

  1. Remodeling your home. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, family room, bathroom, bedroom or basement, avoid cluttering up another part of your home while completing the project. You might have hired a contractor to do the work or you’re handy enough to do it yourself; either way, remodeling projects typically take much longer than expected. Continue living comfortably in a clean, organized environment with a portable storage unit.

  2. Moving to a new home or office. Boxing everything up for a big move can be a stressful and time consuming process; so you might as well start chipping away at everything a few weeks before moving day. You’ll be able to box everything up and store it all in the unit so it's completely out of the way. When you procrastinate, you get stressed out; so finish up all the packing gradually, and don’t feel overwhelmed a few days before you relocate.

  3. Community events. If you’re planning a community event, a storage container is perfect for the storage of food, equipment and other things that’ll help make it a success. Drop-A-Box, for example, donated 20 units for the staff to use at MusikFest 2016. Through their container moving services in Bethlehem, PA, staff members were able to store essential items throughout the 10-day long festival. Renting a storage unit will help make any event run more smoothly.  

  4. Shipping large items. Companies like Drop-A-Box can ship your items anywhere in the world. Whether you want to deliver furniture to your son who’s living a few states away, or you need to ship large equipment internationally, a portable storage unit is the way to go. You can secure everything with locks and straps to make sure it all arrives to its destination safely. Regardless of where you want it to go, a storage unit is the best way to ship anything big.

  5. You’re a contractor. As you plan your next residential or commercial project, consider renting a storage unit to put everything that you’ll need to remove from your working space. Whether you’re painting a living room or renovating an entire office, you’ll have a clean storage container to safely store your customer’s belongings, or even your tools and equipment. They’ll be happy about eliminating clutter, and you’ll have an open space where you can move freely and work more efficiently.

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